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Sparking the fullest potential in every kid.

Our Process

Scientists have labs, engineers have machine shops, and artists have studios. At VentureLab, we’re creating the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. That’s why we design our curriculum so students can actually practice the kind of innovating that entrepreneurs do to bring their creative ideas to life!

Our curriculum includes fun, hands-on, experiential lessons that focus on strengthening kids’ entrepreneurial thinking, ingenuity, creativity, and confidence. It encourages young people, and especially girls, to be independent thinkers— to venture outside the box and create unique, norm-defying solutions for the challenges they are passionate about.

Our Formula

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies; it is a skillset and a way of thinking. It involves identifying needs, brainstorming creative solutions, innovating, and taking calculated risks. In short, it’s about having a vision and making it a reality.
Anyone can be entrepreneurial in their own way (think back to that summer you spent selling lemonade as a kid!). For example, artists and doctors may open their own gallery or practice. Teachers have to find the right resources for their classes. Some Girl Scouts find innovative ways to sell cookies through online platforms. And even within companies, innovation is necessary in order to stay competitive! That’s why we believe the true value in learning and practicing entrepreneurship starts with nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset. This includes the ability to be confident and creative, to learn from failure, and to work well with others to bring your ideas to life.
People sometimes say there should be a simpler, less clunky word for all this. But to us,  ‘entrepreneurship' is a short, amazing word that encompasses everything it’s about: vision, creativity, innovation, initiative, persistence, risk and fear tolerance, collaboration, resilience and determination—in just five syllables.

With our curriculum, you can help create VentureKids, youth who dare to dream and do! VentureKids learn:

Curriculum PitchingFailure is OK

They redefine failure as an opportunity for learning and a launchpad for their next success or discovery.

Curriculum Think Big

Growth Mindset

They realize that they can learn and achieve anything and that they have the power to stretch their brains and sharpen their minds!

Curriculum Idea


They recognize they can make great things happen if they dare to step out of their comfort zone(s).

Curriculum Critical Thinking

Persistence and Grit

Entrepreneurial kids learn to work through failure in order to create solutions for the problems they are passionate about.

Curriculum Research


Entrepreneurial kids are active observers that identify and act on circumstances where they can add value, innovate, or solve a problem!

Curriculum Team Work


They are active doers that develop creative solutions to problems around them.

Curriculum Analysis


They always ask “what if” and “why” and seek new and creative ways of learning and doing.

Curriculum Public Speaking


They are confident and hopeful in their ability to innovate and their potential for making an impact.

Curriculum Buisness Model


They develop quick and and clever ways to overcome challenges.

Curriculum Leadership


They are able to make smart changes when challenges arise without losing heart or giving up.


It is vital to think about other people’s needs and feelings and keeping these in mind when solving a problem.