Author: Cristal Glangchai

Helping Your Kid with Their Summer Business

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During the summer, finding something to keep your child busy is a daunting but crucial task. From research done by John Hopkins School of Education, two months of math skills are lost over the summer. According to an article by Oxford Learning, summer learning loss can begin as early as first grade. Entrepreneurship and small summer business ideas can offer a plethora of opportunities for you to not only keep students entertained, but also develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives! If this is new territory for you, no problem – try  these tips to get your… Read more »

VentureLaunch – Young entrepreneurs, big ideas!


This weekend, Trinity’s Innovation Cube was filled with students, parents and some great ideas as VentureLab put on the first annual VentureLaunch competition. Twelve teams pitched a diverse range of business ideas – eco-friendly lip gloss, a geotag-enabled dog collar, and an app to teach you about landmarks around you when you are travelling – to a panel of distinguished judges. Students from ages 5-17 presented in teams of all sizes – it was great to see the poise, charisma, and energy that every participant brought to the day! “It was so exciting to see local students coming up with… Read more »

Youth Startup: an entrepreneurial experience

VentureLab offers a variety of summer camps to meet the diverse range of interests and skills a student needs to be prepared for the 21st century careers – whether they are interested in art, business, or something in between, they will grown in their confidence and natural creativity! We are especially proud to present the unique opportunity for students to gain hands on entrepreneurial experience as they develop, prototype, and pitch a startup business idea. It requires talent, courage and deep insight and passion when you start a company. When you are a part of VentureLab’s Youth Startup Camp, students… Read more »

Environmental Awareness on Earth Day 2016

What better way to celebrate Earth Day 2016 than to participate in hands-on activities that will teach students how to become environmentally conscious? Teaching students a sense of connectedness to nature and the environment is essential to helping them to care about the world around them. To teach your students about global issues such as climate change and endangered species, look to local issues such as recycling, storm-water runoff, or air pollution.The skills students learn today will be the planet-saving skills they use tomorrow. Here are some entrepreneurial ways to get started talking about the environment in the classroom! 1…. Read more »

4 Types of Leaders

Leadership is the ability for an individual to guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations to a common goal. There are many different approaches to leadership – share with your students and help them find their own style of leadership! Thought Leaders Thought leaders harness the power of ideas to create change. They motivate their followers by helping them imagine new possibilities. Thought leaders use the Internet, social media, and other technological advances to communicate their ideas more rapidly and broadly. One way to teach your students to become thought leaders is to have them think outside the box to… Read more »