Early exposure to the entrepreneurial mindset can change the course of a student’s life.

Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum

In order to equip kids around the world with an entrepreneurial mindset we’ve designed our youth entrepreneurship curriculum to empower anyone to become a champion for kids’ learning. It is incredibly simple to implement, can be taught in a variety of ways, and introduces K-12 students to the core entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets needed to be prepared for the 21st century. Tell me more!

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Professional Learning

For those that want to delve deeper and bring the entrepreneurial mindset to their school organization, or company, we offer a suite of engaging and experiential professional learning opportunities. If you’re looking to encourage a culture of learning and innovative problem-solving at your organization, contact us to explore our workshop offerings. Tell me more!

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Staying true to the entrepreneurial spirit, we've been doing a little innovating ourselves! We are back at the lab working on a free and open-source youth entrepreneurship curriculum that will be available on our website starting August 1, 2017. (Excited? So are we!) This means that our summer camps will happen a bit differently. 

In order to empower more schools and organizations to teach the Entrepreneurial Mindset, we are working with partners to teach the VentureLab curriculum and provide fun and unforgettable summer experiences. We are excited to partner with St. Anthony's Catholic School to offer K-8 VentureLab summer camps in San Antonio, TX, that are open to all kids.

Campers will learn how to use entrepreneurship to bring their ideas to life through hands-on and collaborative activities. They'll build their skills and confidence and have tons of fun in the process! 

  • St. Anthony's will be offering Youth Startup (K-8), Gamer (K-5) and Maker (6-8) camps
  • All camps are 1 week programs and run from 9:00am- 3:00pm 
  • Before and after-care options are available 

 out their summer schedule and registration form for pricing and more information. 

For questions around logistics and registration, please contact

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Program Benefits

  • Flexible curriculum: We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” education. Our entrepreneurship curriculum features activities that can be taught consecutively (think entrepreneurship crash-course), or be easily plugged into existing coursework or programming. Each lesson is self-paced and can be easily implemented in a variety of settings: in-school, after-school, as part of summer programs or even at home with your kids!

  • Empowering anyone to make an impact: Our curriculum is designed for maximum usability- we equip instructors with activity guides, teaching tips, and other resources for using our curriculum. Just as entrepreneurs can come from all walks of life, we welcome instructors of all backgrounds, from the educator looking to further engage her students, the enterprising librarian running weekend workshops, to the parent looking to foster their kids’ ingenuity. Our secret formula? A fun, innovative, and adaptable curriculum that can easily be implemented by anyone!

  • Designed with girls in mind: Our K-12 entrepreneurship curriculum and professional learning opportunities are designed with girls’ learning in mind (and are great for boys, too!). We help our facilitators establish a safe (and brave) space for exploration and provide hands-on activities that promote collaboration, communication, confidence and creativity in girls.

  • Solving real-world problems: We promote entrepreneurship education that not only empowers kids with skills, but also inspires them to make a positive impact in the world. Our curriculum encourages students to venture outside the box and create unique, norm-defying solutions for the challenges they are passionate about solving. Lessons provide real-world connections and examples that make learning exciting and applicable to the world around them.

  • Experiential Learning: The key to unleashing student potential is to make learning seem like play. Our curriculum promotes fun and engaging, hands-on and experiential learning that focuses on strengthening kids’ entrepreneurial thinking, ingenuity, creativity, and confidence.